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Janome Cover Pro 3000 Professional


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JANOME COVER PRO 3000 Professional

Having a dedicated coverstitch machine helps you achieve a professional finish. Your projects, created at home, can now be finished to the highest standard.

Coverstitch machines can be used practically for turning up hems and are especially helpful when sewing with stretchy fabrics. This machine makes the whole process easy. The CoverPro 3000 P has a durable top cover stitch, as often seen on sportswear garments. Experiment with this machine for garment assembly or decorative stitching on all types of fabric, firm or stretchy. The vertical needle drop helps with fabric penetration and precision to achieve high quality results, even on fine knit fabrics with the special ‘fine mode’ switching lever. This model has increased durability by adopting ball bearings to help less vibration.

A whole new world of creativity can be achieved with rows of parallel coverstitching to add designer touches, you could even try creating your own trimmings. This 5, 4, 3 and 2-thread coverstitch machine helps you achieve professional results, whatever fabric you are working with.


Heavy duty proffessional design

Speed up to 1000 stitched per minuite

Fine mode switching lever

Built-in needle threader

3 LED lights: retractable LED light plus 2 LED’s

Top coverstitch, with chain-off at end of stitching

Diferential feed

Pressure foot adjustment with guideline

Number of needles 1,2 or 3

Number of spool pins – 5

Flat bed / convertible free arm

Workspace 143mm to the right of the needle

Workspace 100mm High

Machine size W412 X H335 X D245